1. $20.00
    The Vocal Tracks Package Include the following: -Vocals on mixtape -Mp3 or wave file -Madv Studios will charge $1.00 for blank CD's (Please note: we do not provide CD's or portable drives) **Payment due at the time of services**
    Vocal tracks
  2. $25.00
    Madv Sudios can professionally design your show flyers & artwork This package includes the following; -Design consultation -Provide copy (jpg) of flyer/artwork; Madv uses Adobe Master Suite Collection **50% of payment due upon commencing; the remainder due at completion**
    Show flyers & Artwork
  3. $25.00
    Custom guitar tracks provided by Madv include one of the following 2 options: Option 1: Madv has 100% control on track making decisions Option 2: You have control on track making decisions. Please note: This covers 3 different edits; any additional edits will be an additional fee. **Payment due at time of services**
    Guitar tracks
  4. $25.00
    Have your tracks professionally mixed and mastered by Madv This package is per track -Please provide wave form and bpm before commencing **Payment due at time of services**
    Mix & Master
  5. $5.00
    NEW PROMO!! Why go through the heartache of creating and paying for your own website when it can be handled for you? Madv Studios can create your own web page for only $5.00 a month!! The webpage hosting includes the following: -Your own personal page of music, pictures, video, and bio with links of your choice -Madv will update your page at any time -The page is designed for you and your fan base for viewing purposes only. Below are the different payment plans available: 1 month $5.00 3 Months $15.00 6 months $30.00 1 year $ 60.00 **Payment due at time of services**
    Webpage hosting

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